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Edging and Borders

The human mind naturally seeks patterns.  It is how we make sense of the incredible amount of sensory information that enters our brain.  We categorize and order information into manageable sections.  It is our nature.  Using this knowledge of how our brains function we are able to create soothing, calming landscapes.  This is why the effective use of borders and edging becomes important.  They clearly indicate where one area ends and another begins, and to our minds this is a relaxing bit of patterning.  In this way edges and borders serve to make a space seem cleaner and neater while also being more soothing.   

Borders do not need to be complicated or expensive - creating a gardiner’s edge around a flower bed every spring will serve the purpose, while also providing a weed and grass barrier and serving to keep mulch in the garden beds where it belongs.  

Mowing strips - laid level with the ground - create an attractive border while also making maintenance easier -they are designed to allow the wheels of the lawn mower to ride along the border so no trimming is needed.  I find they are a very effective and inexpensive way to both improve the appearance of a garden bed and reduce maintenance.

Low walls, either dry-stack stone or cement products provide a beautiful enhancement to garden beds.  

Whatever style or product appeals to you, consider adding or improving borders and edging to your outdoor spaces as a simple and effective enhancement.