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Lawncare Services

Fully Insured Residential and Commercial Lawncare Services

At Dragonfly Gardening & Design we know the best way to have a wonderful lawn is to create the ideal growing conditions for grass and to properly care for the grass itself through proper mowing practices. When conditions deteriorate due to compaction and lack of nutrients, problems such as weeds and bare patches arise. We address these underlying issues, with the final result of a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing

Dragonfly Gardening strives to offer the best horticultural care and ultimate in customer convenience. To that end, we offer you the following:

  • Grass cutting weekly or every 10 days.
  • Monthly billing by mail or email.
  • Option for electronic payment.
  • Cutting at proper height (3 inches).
  • Friendly, insured, uniformed personnel.
  • No contracts to sign.

Scheduled Maintenance from as low as $30 per visit includes:

  • Mowing Lawn
  • Trimming Edges
  • Blowing Hardscapes

Lawncare Services

Fertilization: Starting at $200 for four applications of fertilizer throughout the season. Our fertilization package will ensure your lawn has the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong grass blades and root systems while having the toughness to withstand pests and droughts.


Core Aeration: Aeration is an important lawn maintenance procedure that reduces heaving that results in a bumpy lawn, allows for stronger grass roots, improves heat and stress tolerance, and improves thatch breakdown. Should be done anually in the spring.


Overseeding: Cool season grasses such as those we use in Ontario do not spread on their own, and therefore overseeding is a great way to repair damaged and stressed areas and to provide a full, thick lawn in the following season.

Lawn Renovations

Top Dress and Overseed: When a lawn has deteriorated signficantly, sometimes it needs a real jump start. Top dressing with compost provides a major boost of nutrients, and when combined with an overseeding you will see significant results. Rarely do lawns require full replacement with new sod - a top dress and overseed will provide a thick, healthy lawn at a lower cost than re-sodding, with the added benefit of increased soil health which re-sodding does not provide. Following with proper maintenance will ensure a thick, beautiful lawn long-term.